Our Staff

Annie Mock, Managing Owner

Annie has 4 years experience in commercial landscape maintenance and construction.  Her responsibilities include overall business and financial management, project progress, bidding and estimating, staffing and relationship management.  Annie has 25 years of business and property management along with investment advisor experience prior to forming Pac Green Landscape LLC.

John Appel, Managing Member/Owner

John has extensive experience in full phase landscape contracting and maintenance work in the past 25 years.  His prior experience includes working with ODOT, Tri-Met and other municipalities.  He has worked with some of the largest General Contractors in the industry and has letters of reference to back up the quality work John delivers.  Prior to meeting Annie, John had been focused on wholesale field grown nursery stock and when he met Annie they joined skills to form Pac Green Landscape LLC.  John is the project manager and supervisor as well as a part owner.

Phil Pochurek, Bidding and Estimating

Phil brings a diversified background to the team of Pac Green.  He has managed irrigation and back flow projects the past 4 years and has been a safety officer and supervisor in his past.  Phil is lead estimator for Pac Green Landscape LLC.

Our Crew

We employ a crew that work full time as non-union labors with many years of industry experience.  The majority of the crew has worked together the past 15 years with John Appel.  Pac Green Nursery and Landscape LLC attracts and retains talented workers through higher that average wages and benefits as well as our leadership style.  Our crew knows how to deliver quality of work efficiently and timely.  We hire additional crew members during our busy season to accommodate the needs of our work flow.  You can count of Pac Green Landscape LLC to get the job done right the first time.  We make things happen!

Juan Hernandez

Juan began his career in 1993 and has earned his way to superintendent by his dedication and hard work.